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Sawasdee Cricket Developments in 2001-2 Season
( Our season for schools cricket runs August - April )

· 29th August 2001. Demonstration cricket day at Sai Moon School. Exhibition match held to show 32 other schools how well Thai students can play cricket and that it can be linked to the study of English.

· 30th September 2001. Inter-school competition at Sai Moon, to select one team to play at the next full inter-schools tournament. Schools: Baan Nam Phrae, Baan Rai, Wat Chom Thong and Baan Nong Tong invited to play. Baan Nam Phrae won .

· 30th September 2001.Inter schools tournament, for grade 6 students. Held at Sai Moon School, Hang Dong. Special guest Roger Binny, ACC (Asian Cricket Council) development officer and coach. LIST, CMIS, Montfort, Sai Moon, Sahagon 2, Baan Nam Phrae and Rong Or schools took part. Sai Moon won the final from Baan Nan Phrae.

· 6th November 2001, Brian Wiggins coaching session for all sports teachers in the San Pee Sau area to demonstrate the skills of the game and coaching methods.

· 9 November 2001 the final two lessons for the Sawasdee "Teachers Manual" and "Students Booklet" where completed and translated into Thai.

· 10th December 2001, Brian Wiggins coaching session for all sports teachers in the Hang Dong district .

· 2nd December 2001. Inter school tournament at Sai Moon for Grade 5 & under students . Sahagon 2, Montfort, Sai Moon, and Rong Or schools took part. Sai Moon "B" won.

· 26th January 2001. Inter school tournament at Prince Royal's College. PRC, Montford, LIST, Rong Or, Sahagon 2, Sai Moon, and Prem Center (new school) took part. Sahagon 2 beat PRC in the final.

· January 2002. Khun Tuk suggested that the name for "Junior" cricket should be changed to "SAWASDEE" cricket to fit into the theme of Thailand. This has been adopted throughout Thailand as the official name for schools cricket.

· 21st January 2002, Lance Bird of Eztec Engineering and Bob Graham, Boart Longyear, funded printing of the "STUDENTS BOOKLET" -- especially compiled and translated into Thai explaining Sawasdee Cricket - with rules, illustrations and skill activities as a learning aid. 1,000 copies were printed and are being given to every student playing cricket. At the same time the "TEACHERS MANUAL" was printed and a copy given to sports masters in all participating schools, as a teaching aid.

· Two Montfort College boys, 'graduating' from Sawasdee Cricket , now join in hard ball practice and adult cricket games at Gymkhana Club . They have also had extra coaching from Brian Wiggins,(a Level 3 international coach). Two boys from Sahagon 2 have also started to play hard ball cricket.

· Throughout the year Peter Dawson and Eric Little have coached in all schools at some stage , to improve players skills and understanding of the game. Brian Wiggins, on visits to Chiang Mai, has added his very valuable expertise.

· Schools that have asked for Sawasdee Cricket but cannot be accommodated at the moment because of the lack of manpower include: Baan Dong, Baan San Pa Sak, Pikarat ( just three of the many others waiting).

3rd Sixes'Sawasdee Cricket' Cup (April 2-6)

This will be the third successive year Chiang Mai Sixes has hosted a tournament for junior cricket teams from local schools. What began as a contribution to the UN/ICC Global Cricket Week has become a year-round program to introduce cricket to schools in Thailand (first in Chiang Mai, now beginning in Bangkok). The Chiang Mai program has been funded through the generosity of Chiang Mai Sixes' teams & participants.

The 'Sawasdee Cricket' Cup is to be played on two small 'fields' laid out on the golf fairway behind the Sixes team tents, adjacent to the main Sixes cricket field. This year teams will play in 2 Divisions (Grade5 & Lower, and Grade 6).

Schools invited to enter include: Montfort, Prince Royal's College, Lanna International School, Chiang Mai International School, PREM Center, Rong Or (Taduad, Tarung- Sansai, Pakoitai, Kajaw), Sahagon 2, Sai Moon, Baan Rai, San Pa Sak, Wat Chom Thong, Baan Kuan, Baan Nong Tong, Baan Nam Phrae, Wat Wang Si.

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